Low-cost and high quality post-production service for your music. From musician to musician.

What is mastering?

Audio mastering is the final step before a track or record is ready to be released.
Using a final mix of your track, mastering ensures that your music sounds more vivid, more detailed and more professional by carefully adding compression, equalisation, stereo imaging and other post-production techniques.

My service

I only work with digital audio files.
Once the masters are ready, I’ll send your tracks back to you in MP3 (at 320kbps) and in
CD Quality lossless formats.
When you receive your tracks for the first time, and if there’s something you’d like revised, you can ask for 2 revisions free of charge. Anything above that will be priced accordingly. Do keep in mind I don’t provide mixing services.

My skills

While I’m not a licensed mastering engineer, my skill-set is vast and reflects my decade of experience as a music producer. I’m very demanding with the quality of my music, and that will translate in a careful and dedicated treatment of yours. My goal is to keep a “natural” sound and enhance the stereo field creatively to give songs a bigger, more lively dimension. Listening to my tracks will give you a perfect example of what I mean.


Single track
€ 8
per minute

Album (6+ tracks)
€ 12
per track
Album (5 tracks)
€ 20
per track
For non-EUR customers the cost will be converted through XE.



File format

To get the best results from my service, please send your tracks as a WAV file at 96000kHz in 24 or 32-bit, without ditheringIf for some reason you are not able to export the file with these specifications, I can still master your tracks at 44100/48000kHz 24 or 32-bit, but results might not be as surprising.

Payment procedure

I only accept payments through PayPal as it’s fast and safe for both parties.
I don’t accept payments through bank transfer or any other method. All payments are to be done in advance.


For best quality you can download the file.

You can download the full version of the track I used for this example by clicking here.