Drafter Synthesizer Plugin

Details on the free VST synthesizer plugin Dafter. Allows you create a variety of sounds and landscapes and features a variety of helpful presets.


With so many synthesizers on the market it is hard to find the time to test them all. Today we take a look at one of our favorite freeware synths available as a VST download. Read on to see if Dafter is right for your music production.

What Is Dafter

Drafter is a great sounding oscillator synth that features 3 filters, 4 LFOs, a bit reducer, a stereo enhancer, delay and reverb. It was created in the Synthmaker software bundle (now retired)

 How Does It Sound

As you can see in the video below, Dafter is quite capable of producing a variety of sounds and landscapes. It is very impressive all of the functionality and settings for this fee plugin. The oscillation patterns, the amplitude, the panning, the filter cutoff, the resonance, and the various EQ bands are all extremely easy to manipulate and adjust. The included preset library has something for every type of music lover!

About Synthmaker

A graphical programming environment called SynthMaker can be used to create digital signal processing (DSP) applications. With this tool you can design your own digital filters, display their impulse/frequency response, perform fast fourier transforms (FFTs) and do all kinds of other DSP.

Where Can I Download Dafter

The full plugin is available for free download at KVR

 We hope you enjoyed our quick review of the free VST plugin Dafter and it is able to help you with your music creation. Before you head off to make some noise, we would love if you left us yur thoughts on the tool in the comments below.

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